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MINDFULNESS IN THERAPY - an early christmas present to you.

I guess nearly everybody has heard about Mindfulness by now... its been a buzzword in the corporate world for many years, we see so many adverts and blogs about it, the NHS have even incorporated it into their IAPT services as a stand alone therapy, but yet, you still havent tried it.

I trained in Mindfulness approx 10yrs ago now and I incorporate this into counselling therapy, it underpins my work with many people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It is the mental cornerstone of wellbeing for me. Having awareness of your thoughts, actions and behaviours allows you to incorporate change in a postive and beneficial way. It is a training of the 'monkey' mind. In our western society we are not taught how to recognise and embrace our emotions, process them and how to be aware and direct our thoughts to shape our reality.

If you woud like to embrace a new experience and relieve a little stress coming up to christmas, how about trying this challenge I have linked below. 10 mins a day.....and its all free....

peace and light to all, Teri x

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