Holistic Counselling

How is Holistic Counselling different from standard person centred counselling?

Basically it means we look at everything. How the physical and mental affect each other, how your emotions affect your thoughts and your thoughts affect your behaviours, and how that affects your spirit ... I am trained in 'Integrative work' which means that I mix modalities like, person centred, CBT, humanistic etc, that bit probably doesn't mean much to you but let's just say I have trained in a varied and flexible way which means I am able to adapt and work with lots of different presentations.
 In our sessions together I may look at any physical concerns you have and how they may be contributing to your overall wellbeing. We might start with discussing lifestyle, diet, and exercise. We might also discuss potential activities, treatments or new activities and physical behaviours that could be of benefit to you, depending on your personal circumstances.
  Psychological: Here we could explore thought patterns to determine what’s bothering you most and to come up with a course of action for improvement and change. I will only ever work collaboratively with you by the way. We may explore deeper concerns (both past and present) and long-term patterns, and then we may develop strategies and practices to improve psychological wellbeing. This might include a combination of traditional therapies and deeper conversations that are more personal, and focused on overall personal wellbeing.

  Spiritual: is a core principle in holistic counselling in that the human spirit is essential in healing an individual’s mind, body, and soul.   I have found that holistic counselling can provide a safe and nurturing platform for an individual to express, explore and find ways of integrating their spiritually beliefs/philosophies into all aspects of their lives (e.g. physically, emotionally, psychologically). Some practices and techniques that I may draw on to help a client gain a deeper sense of clarity and to assist with integrating their personal faith and philosophies into their general wellbeing, could be through relaxation techniques, mindfulness or meditation or energy healing. I have also found that when an individual begins to integrate their personal spiritual philosophies and practices on their journey of healing and change, comes a greater sense of belonging and inner peace. Your spirit and soul is not a religious state or faith to follow it is an integration of you and your quintessential self.


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