This ancient treatment concentrates on the feet using established reflex points to trigger the body into healing itself and reaching a harmonious balance.  Using gentle touch and gently accessing pressure points with a soothing foot massage included, you can relax and drift off during treatment or afterwards.  Some ailments that respond extremely well to reflexology are:




Back Pain


Irritable Bowel Syndrome



High Blood Pressure                                                          



ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)




Thyroid Problems


Disorders of the Immune System

Disorders of the Nervous System

Giving up smoking/coming off drugs and Medication. 


This is not an exhaustive list and there are other conditions that Reflexology can help with.


Duration of treatment.  1 hour

Energy Healing

Its been around for a very long time... there are many types of healing and I only work with pure loving energy.  No woo woo, no religion, just pure energy.  I like to work using a combination of techniques, Reiki and Quantum Touch, so its more directional and more powerful. I also combine this with cyrstals to amplify the quality of the energy and make more powerful changes whether you are looking to heal emotionally or physically.  I have used energy therapies in the background of all my holistic work for many years, but as I have become more confident and consistent at delivering a quality healing session - I offer it now as a stand alone treatment.

There is no subsitute for experience in this field and I understand the skeptical mind,  so I will happily share with you that  I was one of those minds myself for many years until I experienced my first Reiki treatment.  I think the therapist deliberatley 'blew my socks off' just to make sure I was convinced.  I was 3 months pregnant at the time - I just remember feeling ecstatically light and happy with so much energy for days afterwards.  The experience itself was extremely relaxing too, drifting in and out of a really beautifull dreamlike state.   Your experience will be 'yours' and they are all as unique as you and I.

You can also have this treatment alongside any conventional treatment or medicine you are taking, even safely alongside any treatment for cancer.  For recovery or during ongoing care, and of course during pregnancy.  This same therapy is endorsed for terminal care in NHS hospitals.

If you are unsure - want to know a little more... please ring me... always happy to talk.   Teri. xx


Maternity Reflexology

Pregnancy is a time of huge change in the physiological body where mother will experience a range of emotional, physical, chemical and hormonal changes. The expectant mother’s body is constantly adapting to accommodate the growing baby, deliver the baby and then restore itself. The treatment will be modified according to each stage of pregnancy. Reflexology is safe during pregnancy as long as care is taken by a qualified Maternity Reflexologist.

I have 10yrs experience in this field, rest assured you will be safe and well cared for:

**Book 3 sessions in one month - get your final induction session half price.   

Here is a list below of what can be helped with regular sessions.

Helps with;

• Anxiety

• Back pain

• Constipation

• Fluid retention Oedema (swelling) in feet and ankles

• Clear headaches

• Cystitis

• Indigestion and heartburn

• Relieve morning sickness and nausea

• Sciatica

• Reducing and normalising high blood pressure (hypertension)

• Normalising low blood pressure

• Improved sleep quality

• Insomnia

• Symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion (fatigue)

• Relieve constipation and haemorrhoids.

• Relieve varicose veins

• Clear pelvic congestion

• Symphysis pubis dysfunction.

• Aids digestion by boosting the pancreatic secretion of digestive enzymes; the pancreas can become sluggish during pregnancy due to the effect of the placental hormones oxygenating the baby by improving the blood flow within the whole body, helping the uterus and the baby’s placenta.

• Reduce work stress.

• Oxygenate the baby by encouraging the blood flow within the whole body, your uterus and the baby’s placenta.

• Can help turn a breach baby

• Carry your baby to term

• Can be used to initiate labour if you are overdue, thereby reducing the need for a medical induction at hospital.

• At term Reflexology can be effective in initiating contractions and labour by stimulating the pituitary, adrenal, uterus in particular, as well as the liver and spleen.

• Intensify and regulates contractions during labour, thereby shortening labour as a result.

Massage for your workforce...

Take just 15 minutes and experience how amazing you will feel with a seated through your clothes massage!   We specialise in offering the corporate world a popular and inexpensive solution to an ever increasing problem – stress in the workplace. We can come into your office on a predetermined day and provide your staff with a quick and effective treatment that targets the areas that are traditionally affected by stress, the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head. And it feels great!  I have worked for hundreds of staff now - the respones are ALWAYS positive. I have also worked for many different companies and a regular client is Sheffield Hallam University who employ us for Wellbeing days/Weeks  for their staff.

A full consultation is taken before every session and each treatment is adapted to suit the individuals needs. Sessions can last anything from a quick ten minute taster to a full half hour total de-stress depending on the needs of the company, with a 15 or 20 minute session being the most popular.

To get the most benefit from Seated Acupressure Massage a regular monthly service is recommended however health awareness days, one off treats and bonuses, open days and ‘thank yous’ to clients are equally well received and staff reward days.

We can also supply therapists for your exhibition stand, conference or event. This has been proven to be a very inexpensive and popular choice for corporate events with little set up needed and a healthy way to encourage delegates onto your stand. All our therapists wear black trousers and trainers for ease of movement and a plain white or black t-shirt. However they can wear your company logo or badge and can take details or business cards of all clients for your data base. At an exhibition or conference we work while the delegates are roaming the stands and take our breaks during quiet times.

To find out what we can do for your company with no commitment - just fill in the contact form or phone. 



Book a Mindfulness Class for your staff now.

When I talk about meditation - the first thing everyone says without hesitation is - “I cant do that ! - theres no way I can sit for hours and not think anything”.   Well - the good news is - you don't have to do that.    It's not about thinking about nothing..  You can sit for just 20 minutes at a time and just be aware of your surroundings and be mindful.  Observe your feelings, observe your thoughts,  don't get caught up in them while I am guiding you.  Learn to  be aware of your busy mind.  Sit with your feelings and acknowledge them safely.  Explore how your emotions effect your body.  Where does your anxiety sit for example? in your chest? in your tummy?   Don't be overly critical and judgemental of yourself.  Just acknowledge how you feel and relax.  
There are visualisations you can follow and a whole array of different meditations you can follow.  Thats what I'm here for, to find the right way for you to find some inner peace and relaxation from the washing machine syndrome of our thoughts.... Reduce blood pressure and heart rate, reduce anxiety and learn how to access that state of calm wherever you are.

What's the difference between mindfulness and meditation...?  A really really busy mind!  humour aside, I look at them in this way, mindfulness is your first step to quiet and peace, calming that busy mind, connecting to  yourself and nature.  Meditation is a way to deepen that practise.  They both have huge benefits for both the body and mind.    The best way to learn is to experience it yourself.  So if you're curious but tentative, but really want to feel better and more at peace, lets chat. Reach me through the contact form or phone and lets get you and your workforce booked in.



Lunchtime sessions for your staff. 

Average time one hour.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Introduction sessions  (also includes relaxation techniques)

Intermediate sessions

No cushions needed only chairs.